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Tianjin Tanggu No.1 Valve factory specializing

Tianjin Tanggu No.1 Valve Co., LTD. (formerly Tianjin Tanggu No.1 Valve Factory) referred to as TVI, the market recognized brand: Tanggu a valve TVI, TVI valve.


Tianjin Tanggu No.1 Valve Co., Ltd. is a modern, scientific, diversified set valve production, research and development, sales as one of the development of enterprises, valve production, research and development, testing, packaging, logistics and other supporting facilities complete, It has five institutions, including valve product R&D center, production centralized control logistics center, product quality testing center, smart logistics distribution center and national marketing system center. The company is headquartered in No. 8, Golden Channel, Immaculately Industrial Park, Dongli District, Tianjin. The company has established a number of sales, customer service centers and production bases in the form of wholly-owned and holding companies in major industrial cities across the country. Mainly engaged IN HIGH-TECH new material ceramic valve, pipe fittings, special precision parts, lime kiln project design, engineering construction and maintenance, special valve manufacturing, and import and export valve trade.

Tang Valve people's persistent pursuit and protection of technology and quality, strict control of product quality, responsible quality service to customers, respect and sincere integrity style and fast logistics, delivery and after-sales by the industry association and users from all walks of life. The chairman/general manager, chief engineer and senior technical staff of Tang Valve have been invited to participate in the compilation of valve industry standards, national standards and application technical specifications for many times over the years. Among them are "GB/T12234-2016 Steel Gate Valve with Stud Connection valve Cover for oil and natural gas industry", "GB/T12232-2005 Universal Valve Flange Connection Iron Gate Valve", "GB/T12226-2005 Universal Valve gray cast iron Technical conditions", "GB/T12227 Universal Valve nodular cast iron Technical Conditions" ", "aluminum alloy and stainless steel gate", "eccentric half ball valve", "water supply and drainage butterfly valve", "water supply and drainage with direct buried gate valve".


Tianjin TANGGU No.1 Valve Co., Ltd. currently covers a total area of 81,700 square meters, the overall construction area of the enterprise is about 68,000 square meters. The total assets of the company are worth hundreds of millions of yuan, and the total registered capital is 151.68 million yuan.

Tianjin Tanggu No.1 Valve Co., LTD.

On the basis of complying with the national mandatory standards, the company adheres to the development concept of rigorous truth-seeking, excellence and scientific development. Has gradually obtained the production license of special equipment, A1, B 】 【 international quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, tianjin involving drinking water health security products health permit approval documents, measurement management system certification, intellectual property management system certification certificate, certificate of enterprise credit rating (AAA) , enterprise credit rating (AAA) certificate, butterfly functional safety certification (SIL), export certificate of conformity, eu CE certificate, xinhua water-saving certification, 3 c product compulsory certification, certificate of origin issued by the tianjin entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau registration CARDS, self-care quarantine for the record registration certificate, national high and new technology enterprise certificate, specialization, small and medium-sized enterprises, the day Tianjin Gazelle Enterprise certificate and title; And has obtained China National Nuclear Group, China Huadian, Huajie Power, Datang power, State power and other power group-level qualified suppliers, China National Chemical Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, government procurement of A control equipment, And member of China urban heating association, council member of China urban water supply and drainage association unit, China urban heating association member, China construction metal structure association, deputy director of the valve member unit, vice chairman of China construction metal structure association of water supply and drainage equipment branch units, the second China (top 10 real estate 2017 annual summit of the enterprise, the national government procurement valve line Industry service quality top 10 suppliers and dozens of qualifications and honors.

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The annual output reaches more than 10,000 tons

/ million

The company's total assets are worth hundreds of millions of yuan

/ ㎡

The company currently covers a total area of 81,700 square meters

Tianjin Tangjie No.1 Valve Co., Ltd. has more than 300 sets of CNC lathes, vertical lathe, milling machine, boring machine, machining center, spraying, casting, automatic welding machine, environmental protection and other equipment. Specializing in the production of hydraulic system, fire control system, hvac system grooved valves, pipe fittings and smelting industry, electricity, chemical industry, environmental protection system series valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, hydraulic control valve, hydraulic control valves, pressure regulating valve of the basins, API valve, ceramic valve, regulating valve, fire valve, copper valve, expansion pipe, valve and water treatment equipment, air valve, eccentric Half ball valve, desulphurization valve, multi-functional electronic descaling instrument, knife gate valve, forged steel valve, special valve, power station valve, seawater valve, etc.) a total of 28 series of valve products, Product nominal diameter from DN15-DN4600(1/2"~184"), nominal pressure from PN0.6~PN160, working temperature -196C~1350C, nearly 300 varieties/more than 5000 specifications. Products involved in power station, heat, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, municipal, building construction, long distance water (gas) and other fields. The company's products currently have more than 160 patent certificates, at the same time there are a variety of fine, special, special, superior products than domestic valve enterprises.


Tang Valve people's life, adhere to the characteristics of the road, to provide customers with cost-effective products and first-class quality service. The company has 218 employees, including 50 high-end technical management personnel.

"Take scientific and technological innovation as the first, product quality as the root, good faith service as the foundation, create value for customers!" Is the Tang valve people always adhere to the brand concept! We uphold the concept of energy saving, environmental protection, health and safety, and strive to build a well-known brand of "pond valve". Win glory for the pond valve, win glory for the country!

Tanggu First valve Co., Ltd. has been to "create a win-win" to expand the market. We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign leaders, experts and elites from all walks of life, new and old customers to visit the pond valve, guidance, cooperation! Hand in hand, complementary resources, win-win cooperation, create value!